Program Overview

The Community Visioning Program integrates technical landscape planning and design techniques with sustainable community action to assist community leaders and volunteers in making sound and meaningful decisions about the local landscape. The program empowers local leaders through a planning process that results in a transportation enhancement plan reflecting the values and identity of the community.

The visioning process is a series of 10 meetings during which a committee of local residents participates in a series of steps toward creating a conceptual plan, including:

  • Identifying issues
  • Investigating the physical and cultural dimensions of landscape issues
  • Setting goals for change
  • Developing strategies to meet those goals
  • Creating an implementation plan

Throughout the process, the community committee receives support from technical experts from Trees Forever, a private-sector landscape architect, and the Iowa State University Department of Landscape Architecture. (Click here to learn more about the visioning process.)

Successful completion of the Visioning Program results in a conceptual community transportation enhancement plan and the development of implementation strategies that empower communities to build meaningful townscapes, step by step, as resources become available.

Information about communities that have participated in the Visioning Program can be found by selecting years and communities from the interactive map.